NCLS Course Description

Last updated on October 2014



NCLS Math program (3:40 – 5:00 second class)


NCLS Math program provides different levels of math courses for students from 4th grade at public elementary schools up to 11th grade at public high schools, covering arithmetic, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, PSAT and SAT. Along with the main “horizontal” mathematic courses, we open “Math contest” class as a “vertical” exploration for students who love challenging themselves. This class helps students to look at mathematic problems in different aspect of views and develop effective approaches to the solutions.

Starting the year of 2012, NCLS math program adopts Singapore math system as a core in classes.  Instead of pursuing a placement of public school education or gifted students training, this system primarily focuses on the fundamentals and skills in mathematics learning and problem solving, and emphasizing on learning mathematics effectively.

Suggestions to the parents:

When you help your child to choose class, you need to read the course syllabus carefully and clearly understand the content in each course, then, find out a class which is proper to your child. For Math 4, 5, and 6, please let your child take the placement test at home and grade it yourself; a score of over 80% on the placement test is required for taking the related class.

When you think about “math contest” class for your child, please keep in mind that this class is not suitable for all students. A certain level pre-requisite is necessary in order to ensure everyone in this class to meet their goals after several years studying. It is highly suggested to speak to class teacher for the details before you and your child make decision.

 The course syllabus:


Class Name

 Math 4

Course Name

 Singapore Math

Suggested to the students in public school

 Grade 4-5

Course Length

 1 year


Please download the following placement test sheets and take the test at home. A score of over 80% is required on this placement test:

Reference Textbook

Singapore Math, Primary Math Textbook 5A, 5B U.S. EDITION (ISBN: 978-981-01-8510-7 & 978-981-01-8511-4)

Course Content

1. Whole Number Addition and Subtraction

2. Whole Number Multiplication and Division

3. Rounding Numbers

4. Estimation of Sum, Differences, Products and Quotients

5. Fraction Basic: Addition and Subtraction with Same Denominator

6. Fraction Basic: Addition and Subtraction of Mixed Numbers

7. Compare and Converting Fractions

8. Decimal Basic: Tenths, Hundredths, Thousandths

9. Decimal Basic: Addition and Subtraction

10. Rounding and Compare Decimals

11. Decimal Multiplication: Thousandths by Tenths

12. Finding Percent, Calculating and Uses of Percent

13. Relating Fractions, Decimals and Percent

14. Basic Measurements: Time and Length

15. Basic Measurements: Mass and Liquid Volume

16. Geometry Basic: Points, Lines and Rays

17. Geometry Basic: Types of Angles, Triangles and Quadrilaterals

18. Simple Calculation of Perimeter, Area and Volume



Class Name

 Math 5

Course Name

 Singapore Math

Suggested to the students in public school

 Grade 5-6

Course Length

 1 year


Please download the following placement test sheets and take the test at home. A score of over 80% is required on this placement test:

Reference Textbook

Primary Mathematics Textbook 6A and 6B: ISBN:  978-981-01-8514-5 and 978-981-01-8515-2

Course Content

1. Number theory (rational and irrational number)

2. Fraction basics

3. Operations with fraction (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

4. Exponent, absolute value

5. Decimal basics

6. Operations with decimals

7. Ration, proportion, percent

8. Conversion of fractions, decimals and percentage

9. Probability

10. Geometry and measurement (covering and surround)

11. Perimeter, area and volume

12. Integers and equations

13. Introduction on exponent and root

14. Operator evaluation order and basic operation law (associate, commutative,

      distributive law)

15. Constant convert methods

16. Linear equations

17. Inequality and linear inequality equation



Class Name

 Math 6

Course Name

 Singapore Math

Suggested to the students in public school

 Grade 6-8

Course Length

 1 year


Please download the following placement test sheets and take the test at home. A score of over 80% is required on this placement test:

Reference Textbook

Singapore Math, discovering Mathematics Common Core 7A,   ISBN: 978-981-4250-52-8

Course Content

1. Review exponents and powers

2. Review rates, ratios, and percent

3. Adding and subtracting matrices

4. Introducing functions

5. Introducing real number line

6. Addition and subtraction of real numbers

7. Multiplication and division of real numbers

8. Solving linear equations

9. Introducing coordinates

10. Slope and intercepts

11. Graphing linear equations

12. Writing linear equations in Slope-Intercept form

13. Fitting a line to data

14. Point-Slope form of a linear equation

15. Standard form of a linear equation

16. Solving linear inequalities

17. Solving absolute-value equations and inequalities

18. Graphing linear inequalities

19. Stem-and-Leaf plots



Class Name

 Math 7

Course Name

 Singapore Math

Suggested to the students in public school

 Grade 6-7-8

Course Length

 1 year


Please download the following placement test sheets and take the test at home. A score of over 80% is required on this placement test:

Reference Textbook

Textbook: discovering Mathematics Common Core 7B, ISBN: 978-981-4250-53-5

Workbook: discovering Mathematics Common Core 7B Workbook, ISBN: 978-981-4250-55-9

Course Content

1.     Number Patterns

2.     Coordinates and Linear Graphs

3.     Inequalities

4.     Perimeters and Areas of Plane Figures

5.     Volumes and Surface Areas of Solids

6.     Proportions

7.     Data Handling

8.     Probability of Simple Events

9.     Probability of Combined Events



Class Name

 Math 8

Course Name

 Singapore Math

Suggested to the students in public school

 Grade 7-8-9

Course Length

 1 year


Please explore 3A and 3B content as the following link

Reference Textbook

Textbook: discovering Mathematics 3A, ISBN: 981-4176-70-2 and 4B, ISBN: 978-4176-71-0

Workbook: discovering Mathematics 3 Workbook, ISBN: 978-981-4249-20-4

Course Content

1.     Indices (exponent)

2.     More About Quadratic Equations

3.     Linear Inequalities

4.     Conditions Of Congruence And Similarity

5.     Functions And Graphs

6.     Properties of Circles

7.     Trigonometry

8.     Applications Of Trigonometry

9.     Coordinate Geometry

10.  Arc Lengths And Sector Areas

11.  Quartiles And Percentiles




Class Name

 Math 9

Course Name

Singapore Math

Suggested to the students in public school

 Grade 8-9-10

Course Length

 1 year


Please explore 4A and 4B content as the following link

Reference Textbook

Textbook: discovering Mathematics 4A, ISBN: 981-4176-72-9 and 4B, ISBN: 978-4176-73-7

Workbook: discovering Mathematics 4 Workbook, ISBN: 978-981-4249-29-4

Course Content

12.  Standard deviation

13.  Probability

14.  Matrices

15.  Vectors in two dimensions

16.  Mathematics in practical situations

17.  Graphs on practical situations

18.  Algebraic manipulation and formulae

19.  Functions and graphs

20.  Set language and matrices

21.  Geometry (angles, polygons, circles, etc.)

22.  Trigonometry

23.  Mensuration

24.  Coordinate geometry and vectors in two dimensions

25.  Statistics



Class Name

 Math 10

Course Name


Suggested to the students in public school

 Grade 7-10

Course Length

 1 year

Reference Textbook

 Barron’s SAT Math Workbook

College board: Official SAT Study Guide

Course Content

Part One: Number and Operations

1. Basic Arithmetic Concepts

2. Elementary Number Theory

3. Fraction, Decimal, and Percent

4. Ratios and Proportions

5. Sequences and Series

Part Two: Algebra and Functions

6. Polynomials and algebraic fractions

7. Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities

8. Solving Quadratic Equations

9. Word Problems

10, Exponents and Roots

11. Functions and Graphs

Part Three: Geometry and  Measurement

12. Lines and Angles

13. Triangles

14. Quadrilaterals and Polygons

15. Circles

16. Solid Geometry

17. Coordinate Geometry

18. Graphs and charts

19. Counting and probability

20. Average



Class Name

 Math 11

Course Name


Suggested to the students in public school

 Grade 8 to Grade 11

Course Length

 1 year

Reference Textbook

1. Barron’s  SAT Math workbook 2009 edition

2. College board: Official SAT Study Guide 2009 Edition

Course Content

1. Percent, fraction, ratio and rate problems

2. Mean, mode, median and range

3. Solving linear equations and inequalities

4. Solving equations with more than one variable and equation systems

5. Polynomials, and basic operations of polynomials

6. Factoring and simplify polynomial by factoring

7. Solving quadratic equations by factoring, by formula and by graphing

8. Word problems including rate, percent, mixture and translating words into


9. Angles, triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons

10. Circles, perimeter, and area

11. Solid geometry, coordinate geometry

12. Counting problems including combination and permutation

13. Probability concept and application

14. Sequences and series

15. Graphs and tables

16. Integer and rational exponents

17. Special functions, simple transformations of functions





儿童美术课一直是牛顿中文学校课程中的重要组成部分, 多年来深受学生及家长的欢迎和支持。任教的老师们, 更是怀着极大的热情与爱心, 辛勤地耕耘, 无私地奉献。 在新学年开始之际, 我们 希望得到学生和家长更多的关心和支持, 对老师们的辛勤劳动给予更多的理解和尊重, 把我校的美术教育办得更好

下个学期, 中文学校将开设十一个不同年龄段的儿童绘画课程。如无特殊说明, 儿童美术安排在第二节课。

绘画一甲 蜡笔 (4-5 ) Art 1 Crayon (age 4-5) (2:00 – 3:30 first class)

任课教师: 高虹
高虹老师毕业于Eastern Illinois University,获Studio Art 硕士学位。 高虹老师从事图象和网页设计多年, 并于2003年建立了自己的彩虹美术设计室”, 目的在于更好地从事儿童美术创作、 鉴赏和教育活动。高老师的蜡笔绘画课将绘画基础知识与儿童丰富的想像溶为一体,生动有趣。高老师网站

绘画一乙 蜡笔 (4-5 ) Art 1 Crayon (age 4-5)

任课教师: 郁晓梅




绘画二 卡通/基础 / (5-6 )Art 2A & B Cartoon/Basics (age 5-6)


沈老师毕业于哈佛大学设计研究生院(Graduate School of Design, Harvard University),获设计博士学位。沈老师的卡通/基础绘画课,取材于笔法简练、形象夸张、特点鲜明、幽默可爱的卡通动物和人物形象,由浅入深,对学生进行线条、基本几何形状以及色彩的基础训练。力求在训练儿童基本的造型能力和对色彩的基本认识的同时,培养、保持和提高儿童对绘画的兴趣。请登陆沈老师网站,浏览上沈老师生的作品。
绘画二乙 (工艺彩绘, 5-8) Art 2B: Art & Craft (age 5-8)

任课老师: 朱伟忆


绘画三 (素描9-10 ) Art 3 (Sketchingage 9-10)

任课教师: 吴富民


绘画四甲 (彩绘6-7 ) Art 4 (Drawing/paintingage 6-7)

任课教师: 林芾


绘画五 彩绘 (7-9) Art 5: Drawing/painting (age 7-9) 

任课老师: 史清



1. 普通 A4 打印纸

2. 蜡笔或彩色铅笔, 几只普通铅笔和橡皮

绘画六 素描(10-11) Art 6 Sketch (age 10-11)

任课教师: 高虹
高虹老师毕业于Eastern Illinois University,获Studio Art 硕士学位。 高虹老师从事图象和网页设计多年, 并于2003年建立了自己的彩虹美术设计室”, 目的在于更好地从事儿童美术创作、 鉴赏和教育活动。高老师的蜡笔绘画课将绘画基础知识与儿童丰富的想像溶为一体,生动有趣。高老师网站

绘画七 彩绘(8-10 ) Art 7 Water Color (age 8-10)

任课老师: 吕明


绘画八 国画(8-10 ) Art 8 Chinese Brush Painting (age 8-10)

任课老师: 汪庆

汪庆老师在牛顿中文学校教幼儿国画已有数年。这个课程主要是为八至十岁,对中国画有兴趣,但 没有学过或只学过不长时间国画的孩子设置的。注册上这堂课的孩 子,包括并无国画基础的新生和在这个班上学了几年的学生. 汪老师授课内容包括国画基本知识:毛笔的持笔和运用, 墨的浓淡与国画颜色的调配; 国画的练习:以小写意为主要授课内容,习画的内容包括兰花、竹、松、 菊、牡丹、水仙、鸡、鱼、山水等。授课内容由浅入深,逐步培养孩子们对国画欣赏知识和能力,以及对描绘对象化繁为简,彩提炼概括的能力。

绘画九(素描, 11岁以上) Drawing 9: Sketch (age 11+)

任课老师: 王社林

王社林老师的儿童素描高级班对象为十岁以上有一定绘画基础的儿童, 课程以静物, 人物, 风景素描写生为主, 以提高学生写实造型能力为目的.

绘画十 国画(10岁以上) Art 10 Chinese Brush Painting (age 10+)

任课老师: 谭嘉陵

谭嘉陵老师是牛顿中文学校任教时间最长的老师之一, 1982年起担任本校国画教师。为弘扬中华传统文化, 谭老师不仅多次举办个人或集体画展和国画作画演示, 并于1989年创办中华表演艺术基金会 (Foundation for Chinese Performing Arts, 详见每年定期举办各种音乐会、胡桃山音乐营、及全美中文学校国画书法比赛等活动。谭老师对中西方文化交流所做的贡献, 多次受到波士顿市长的嘉奖。

谭老师的国画班,招收十岁以上略有国画基础的学生。学生大多为绘画8班升上来或是已在本班学过几个学期的学生。以小写意花鸟画为主,兼攻山水。授课内容包括国画基本技法, 习画题材达近二十种之多。目的在于让孩子们继续深造,领会国画的奥秘。谭老师 画班的学生曾多次参加全美中文学校的中国画比赛并获奖

绘画十一 国画(10岁以上) Art 11 Chinese Brush Painting (age 10+)

任课老师: 林浩宗


SAT II & AP CHINESE (3:40 – 5:00 second class)

任课教师:  冯瑶


NCLS is offering a class on SAT II & AP Chinese during the second period this year. The following information may help students and their parents decide whether the course is appropriate for the students.  

What is SAT II: Chinese?

SAT II: Chinese is one of many SAT II: Subject tests taken by college applicants, formerly known as the College Board Achievement Tests. It is a one-hour test with 20 minutes of listening and 40 minutes of usage and reading. The test measures students’ understanding of Mandarin Chinese and their ability to communicate in the context of contemporary Chinese culture. The test is appropriate for students who have studied Mandarin Chinese as a second or foreign language for two, three, or four years in high school or the equivalent. The test is offered in November by the College Board. 

What is AP Chinese? 

The AP Chinese Language and Culture course is comparable to a fourth semester college course in Mandarin Chinese. The AP Chinese Language and Culture exam is approximately two hours and 15 minutes in length, with a multiple-choice section on listening and reading, and a free-response section on writing and speaking. Most colleges and universities in the United States will grant students credit, placement, or both on the basis of their AP Exam grades. Students do not have to take the AP Chinese course at their high school in order to take the AP Chinese exam. The exam is offered in May by the College Board.  

What does the SAT II & AP Chinese course do?

 The two primary objectives of the course are:

I. Improving students' proficiency in the Chinese language and culture.

Students will improve their language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) through studies of various aspects of contemporary Chinese society, including geography and population, ethnic and regional diversity, travel and transportation,  climate and weather, holidays and food, sports and games, and current affairs. 

II. Preparing students for the two tests.

The course will provide information on the tests, offer advice and guidance on preparing for the tests, and administer practice tests.  

While this is a special course to help students prepare for the SAT II and AP Chinese tests, the ultimate goal of the course is to improve students' proficiency in the Chinese language and culture. 

Why is NCLS offering the SAT II & AP Chinese course?

 While colleges do not require SAT II: Chinese or AP Chinese as an admission requirement, a good score on these tests will give students an advanced placement in Chinese, exempt them from some or all of the language requirements, and give them college course credits. There are many students at NCLS who have the potential to do really well on these tests if they are properly prepared. The SAT II & AP Chinese course aims to provide such preparation, which will enable these students to achieve their potential. The course also helps students maintain and improve their proficiency in the Chinese language and culture. 

Who should take the SAT II & AP Chinese course? 

High school students who have completed their 10th grade Chinese at NCLS or its equivalent.

Math Competition (3:40 – 5:00 second class)


In this class, the required qualified students should have interests in Mathematics, not the interests from the parents. If the students cannot make 2 hours homework time each week, it is better not choose this class. The basic requirement for the parents is to supervise the students to finish the homework.


Each class will include one specific topic or 2. At least 20 minutes in class practice, 5 minutes break; lecture time will be about twice 20 to 25 minutes before and after the break. Multimedia teaching might be used, but it is not necessarily being used every time. Group discussion will be encouraged.  I would like to see our Matheletes can communicate clearly with each other and clearly with no-math-interest people.


Class contents:

1. Divisibility, prime factorization and its application in the competition

2. Looking into the patterns, arithmetic sequence, geometric sequence and mix

3. Algebra overview: including formula, equations and inequality, quadratic equations and functions, polynomial (multiply) and factorization

4. Geometry overview: parallel lines, triangle, polygon, congruent and similar

5. Competition practices (AMC, Math Olympiad, MathCount etc.)



1. 5 to 8th grades, if 5th grade, you need to have a discussion with me before register this class. You need to have some basic knowledge about algebra one, and possibly in math club or math team at your regular school. You should make AMC 8 test over 15 correct.

2. No miss school/class, the mathematics study will be harder, if you miss one class, you will feel very difficult since we used last week's knowledge. If you plan to miss two classes, you should not be registered in the class. Also, I am not babysitting your child.

3. Parent support: once a week, your child will be with me for 80 minutes. He/she will be with you the rest of the time. If you cannot answer the questions, you need to come to me or find outside helper. Each week's 2 hour homework is the key for your child to be successful. If they cannot figure one question out, it is ok. I will not accept any excuse for not handing in your homework.


Physics Concepts and SAT II (3:40 – 5:00 second class)


The primary goals of this course are to review the key concepts in Physics, and to help students in preparing for the SAT II Physics test. If you plan to pursue a math- or science-based program of study (such as science, technology, engineering or math), you probably should consider preparing and taking the Physics Subject Test. Since the SAT II Physics exam covers almost identical subjects as AP Physics B curriculum, students who are interested in learning the latter subject will also benefit from this course.


Students in 9th grade and above who are familiar with trigonometry and algebra 2 are encouraged to take this course.


The course will last for two semesters. The following topics will be included:


Electricity and magnetism

Waves and optics

Heat and thermodynamics

Modern physics

Contemporary Physics, such as astrophysics, superconductivity, and chaos theory


NCLS Chemistry SAT (3:40 – 5:00 second class)

Teacher:  博士Jian Wei, Ph.D.  Chemistry

Who should take this course?

High school students

·   are taking general chemistry this semester or have taken a year of general chemistry last school year,

·   had algebra with understanding of the second-year algebra concept of logarithms and some science lab experience,

·   plan to take SAT Chemistry test (and AP Chemistry exam for some) in early May or early June of current school year

·   would like to improve one’s performance in high school chemistry course

What does this course do?

The two primary objectives of this course are:

1.  Improving students’ understanding of chemistry principles and proficiency in applying these principles to problem solving.

Students will improve their understanding of the fundamental concepts of chemistry and their problem solving skills by applying these principles.

2.  Preparing students for the SAT test.

The course will provide information on the SAT test, offer advice and guidance on preparing for the tests, and administer practice tests.


成人声乐班 (2:00 – 3:30 first class)



曾燕琴, 毕业于广西艺术学院。主修声乐,广西音乐家协会会员。广西通俗音乐学会理事。获中央电视台第三届青年大奖赛广西赛区通俗唱法一等奖。桂林独秀歌星大奖赛获一等奖。获中国西南六大城市歌手大赛优胜奖。广西“三月三”大型演出中获优秀演员奖。广西音像出版社将他演唱的一些歌曲录入了磁带及唱碟。曾多次参加国内的许多大型演出并得到好评。


学习正确地发声已及唱歌的技能和技巧。 运用练声曲来训练声音的统一{ 从低音到高音的音色统一和过度转换] 。学习歌唱中的咬字,吐字的方法,以及音准和节奏的训练。学习怎样把握对歌曲的情感表达和音乐处理。如何去演唱和准确表达各种不同体裁风格的歌曲。因才施教使每个人在演唱上都能得以提高。在教学中将学习演唱不同形式和风格的歌曲如美声,通俗,民族歌曲。也可根据个人不同的需求,教一些舞台表演和台风的训练。因为歌曲的演唱和表演是一种`听觉`与视觉的完美结合。歌唱可以丰富人们的生活,带来生活的乐趣,以及提高人们的艺术思维和艺术修养。

少儿声乐班 (3:40 – 5:00 second class)





幼儿学儿歌班   (3:40 – 5:00 second class)












 少儿健美操 (2:00 – 3:30 first class)

指导老师:张莹 介绍暂缺


少儿表演艺术班(3:40 – 5:00 second class)

指导老师:吕云 老师


普通话正音训练    舞台语言技巧训练  诗歌朗诵    故事讲述    舞蹈,等等

儿童民族舞(3:40 – 5:00 second class)





国际象棋(高级) Chess (Advanced Level) (3:40 – 5:00 second class)


Time:  3:40 – 5:00 (second class)




篮球(初级) Basketball (beginner) (3:40 – 5:00 second class)


       教学内容: 本课程是为六岁以上蓝球初学者所设。学生将学习传球,带球,切入,投篮等基本蓝球技巧。在分组对抗中熟习并运用比赛规则,在培养蓝球兴趣的同时又增强了体质。

             教学特点: 1) 小班上课

                                  2) 教练与学生同场练习

                                  3) 将娱乐于运动之中


篮球(中级) Basketball (intermediate) (3:40 – 5:00 second class)


        教学内容: 本课程是为具有一定蓝秋基本技巧的爱好者所设。学生除了攻固基本技能外,着重提高对抗技巧, 运用基本战术提高比赛意识。

             教学特点: 1 )  引导学生,配合其正常发挥

                                  2)  组建团队意识

                                  3)  竞赛,娱乐并进

少儿抖空竹 (六岁以上) (Chinese Yoyo) 





乒乓球 Ping-Pong (3:40 – 5:00 second class)


        本课以训练乒乓球基本功为主, 提高同学们对乒乓球运动的爱好, 建立对乒乓球比赛规则和比赛环节的认识。 教学重点为正手进攻,反手攻球,推挡,搓球,发球和接发球。本课程不受年龄限制, 只需身高够长即可报名。 同学们将按身高分组后在三张球台上练习。每年秋季将组建少年队参加北美体协乒乓球友谊比赛。

武术拳击健身 Martial Art (3:40 – 5:00 second class)


            国家级教练李广辉老师自幼习武。练过摔跤,散打,后来改练拳击,88年入选中国拳击队。参加哈萨克斯坦举行国际比赛获得81公斤冠军,91年全国拳击冠军,92年全国拳击亚军 93年全国第7届运动会铜牌。93年担任天津拳击教练,94年取得国际拳联高级教练 证书,培养学生多次获得各级别冠军等好成绩。

            培养学生,有强健的体魄,顽强的毅力,灵活的头脑,准确的判断力,通过武术与拳击训练,逐渐养成锻炼身体好习惯,有良好的自控能力。教学以训练各种拳法,步法,技战术为主,有条件对练,不进行身体接触对练,避免任何 伤害,让学生掌握自卫方法,提高身体素质。课程内容包括:准备活动,柔韧训练;武术套路,身体素质训练;拳击的站立姿 势及各种步法;组合拳法训练,击打假人训练; 每天课后有身体的训练。

快乐汉语 Happy Chinese For Beginners (3:40 5:00 second class)


陈丽嘉老师持有美国儿童教育学位,现任Brookline和波士顿公立学校中文教师,Head Start音乐、舞蹈教师,曾任NewtonSharon公立学校中文教师,牛顿中文学校和麻州中文学校中文、音乐和舞蹈及表演艺术教师。陈丽嘉老师教学经验丰富,教学认真,教学内容丰富多彩,形式活泼多样,孩子们一定能够受益其中,乐在其中。




成人瑜珈 Adult Yoga (3:40 – 5:00 second class)



鲁文澜老师 has been practice Yoga for over 15 years. The love towards Yoga, she become an Instructor and a certified Lifestyle coach. By years of practicing, she has been benefit from all different area.

At the physical level, yoga has proven to be extremely effective in many different areas, such as:

 Increasing Flexibility

 Increasing lubrication of the joints, ligaments and tendons

 Massaging of ALL Organs of the Body

 Complete Detoxification

Excellent toning of the muscles

 Improving concentration, alertness


Yoga can promote both cardiovascular, and muscular stamina. Through the continuity of action, cardiovascular stamina is developed. Through contraction of the muscles while holding the postures, muscular stamina is developed. Yoga while not intentionally aerobic can increase the heart rate at certain points until greater fitness is developed.

Yoga goes beyond muscular strength. Muscles will lengthen, as opposed to contracting. And, a deep strength will become apparent.

Yoga affects the mind as much as the body. It improves concentration, increases alertness, rational clarity develops equanimity and instills confidence. These benefits all depend on presence of mind during practice.



演讲和主持人培训班 Public Speaking and Anchor Training

主讲 狄晓慧老师


学生年龄要求在10岁以上,并能讲流利的中文. 如果条件出众,年龄可放宽。
















剪纸是中国民间流行的一种传统艺术,历史悠久,有独特的文化内涵和鲜明的民族特色。学习剪纸艺术可以陶冶情操,提高艺术文化修养,同时还能充分挖掘想象力和创造力。本课程面向牛顿中文学校的全体学生,家长以及中国民间艺术的爱好者。课程简单易学,趣味性强。 一把剪刀,一张纸,再加上想象力,很快您就能纸上生花,剪出漂亮的作品啦!


Fun paper cutting - Chinese Traditional Paper-cutting Course Description

Instructor: Zhao Lei


Chinese paper-cutting is a traditional art form, which has long history and unique cultural styles. Learning paper-cutting is a good way to cultivate minds, improving cultural understanding, while developing students’ imagination and creativity. All students, parents, and Chinese folk art fans are welcomed to the class. Course is easy to learn and interesting. A pair of scissors, a piece of paper, along with a little imagination, you will cut out a beautiful work!



我的剪纸作品( My Paper cutting Work)






成人拉丁踢踏舞健身班 Adult Latin and Tap Dance Exercise Class



指导老师张馨梅:在美国过去的十年中,参加过许多职业拉丁比赛以及American RhythmAmerican Showdance, American Smooth, 并获得好成绩。目前在许多社区国际标准舞班中任教。


Creative Drawing Class: (创意绘画 age 5-6, 2nd class period)

赵嘉媛老师   Amber Zhao

Drawing allows children to find a creative way to express themselves.  It is a tool to develop and express ideas and a source of joy, confidence and self-esteem. Creativity enables Innovation.

Kids in 5-6 years are like sponges. They can quickly assimilate a lot of new information. In this age of discovery, when all they do or create is a moment to celebrate, learning drawing and painting techniques is just another celebration.

Ms. Zhao will set up a main idea for every class to excite students’ imagination, and she will teach drawing by deconstructing familiar subjects into geometric shapes that help children "see." Students learn art concepts that help them to improve and enrich their drawings. Eventually, children learn that everything can be drawn by using basic shapes and they can start applying it by themselves.

Class Needed materials:
1, Pencil: B or HB/2B
2, Mix-Media notebook (9 in* 12 in) and oil pastels:

赵嘉媛老师:  赵老师毕业于浙江杭州二轻工业设计学校(现为中国美院下属院校)服装设计专业。2012年来波士顿之前,主要在上海经营自己的服装设计工作室和参与艺术品投资。201310月起,赵老师在牛顿中文学校做代课老师和TA。在此期间充分了解了学生情况和课程安排,并深刻感受到对于学前儿童来讲,学习绘画最重要的莫过于激发他们的创造性和想象力,引导他们的开放性思维,并以此为前提给予适当的基础美术知识。综合考虑下设立创意绘画这门课,并得到了牛顿中文学校的支持,希望家长们、同学们喜欢!




SAT Critical Reading (2nd Class Period)


The primary goal of this course is to help students prepare for and score higher on the critical reading section of the new SAT. The course consists of 16 90-minute sessions. Topics covered include:
•       Introduction to the new SAT;
•       Building vocabulary skills;
•       Sentence Completions;
•       Reading Comprehension;
•       Grammar and Usage; and

Throughout the course, students will take many mini practice quizzes and several full-length critical reading practice tests. These quizzes and tests, along with discussions and presentations, will help students review and reinforce the skills acquired in the course. Students who complete the course successfully will be more confident and score higher on the critical reading section of the SAT test. They will also be better prepared for college.