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Important Notice; No School On 2/2/2020

On behalf of the NCLS Board and School Administration, we wish you all a healthy and happy Chinese New Year!

鉴于当前新型冠状病毒感染的肺炎疫情发展。牛顿中文学校董事会讨论决定,2月2号停课一次,将在4月26号补课。 加上1月26号学校没有课,中文学校已经关闭两个星期。

There is no doubt that you have now heard of a respiratory disease- the Novel Coronaviruss, 2019-nCoV, which first appeared in Wuhan, China and has begun to spread.
The NCLS board of directors discussed and decided that the NCLS will be closed once on February 2nd, the makeup date will be April 26, 2020, and there was no school on January 26th. So the school has been closed for two weeks.
During the no school period, the school administration suggests that the teachers can arrange appropriate homework for the students, review and consolidate the knowledge previously learned, or preview the new lessons to be taught next.
The NCLS board and school administration will continue to pay close attention to the epidemic situation and plan Online Course Training for the teachers. Provide more online lessons if necessary.
If you have recently returned to the United States from China, especially from an outbreak area, or if you have a fever or cough, please strictly implement two-week isolation measures.


Best Regards,
Faith Hu, Principal
Lijuan Han, Vice Principal

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